Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wisconsin Capitol Ordered Re-opened to All/Librarians March

Librarians on the March
A Wisconsin judge today ordered that the Madison Capitol be reopened to folks without ID as it is a public building today Tuesday, March 1st in response to a restraining order.State officials have not yet begun complying. A plan to clear out the protesters to clean the building was partially successful on Sunday but those who didn't leave voluntarily were allowed to staty overnight. Police have been standing in solidarity with pro-union activists as part of a united front. In the small city that had been created in Madison there was no incidence of theft or crime, according to Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now." A group of librarians joined the protest in solidarity (see photo at left).

Five-thousand people gathered at the Statehouse in Columbus Ohio to protest a similar bill proposed by Governor Kasich.