Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dogs of War--Two Famous Greek Strays

Kanellos Preparing for a Foray
Loukanikos in Action
Greeks have been taking to the streets in massive numbers to protest meltdown of the Greek economy as well as austerity measures that include massive layoffs of public sector workers, wage reductions of 20 percent and elimination of promised pensions.

Tear Gas Doesn't Phase Loukanikos
Now two loyal protesters on on the Greek streets are finally getting their 15 minutes of fame.  They are two stray dogs of Athens: Loukanikos and Kanellos. Both are fiercely committed and militant political animals. Photographs show that while Loukanikos has been active for many years and can be seen in photos dating back to 2008, Kanellos is more of a Johnny-come-lately to the struggle.

Both canines are skilled at intimidating the police by barking. Loukanikos will bravely enter the fray to attack tear gas canisters, which he bites vigorously. Kanellos seem to put more of his focus on strategy. These puppies are taking the internet by storm and fast becoming role models of revolution.