Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Solidarity and New Attacks

Oakland Rally--April 4th 2011
Of course their was not much mainstream press coverage but some workers took to the streets yesterday, the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, to show solidarity with Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, states where workers rights are being butchered mercilessly. King who had arrived in Memphis in 1968 to support a strike of that city's sanitation workers. We must remember that a vast swath of states across the American South call themselves "right to work" states, Brave New World doublespeak that means the same as 'freedom is slavery," they are states where it is against the law to unionize.

Yes, we are up that proverbial creek full of fecal matter but we are beginning to fight back. And speaking of fecal matter, Dairyland Dictator Scott Walker is continuing to refuse to comply with judges orders and has said he will deduct a percentage of state worker's wages, in line with his illegal bill, on their April 21st paychecks. Holding fast to a his warped yet gilded memory of Ronald Reagan and the air traffic controllers, he is steadfastly refusing to acknowledge, even the not-so-just, justice system.
Paul Ryan

Meanwhile another meadow muffin, Republican, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (Scott Walker's evil twin), is going hog wild with his proposal to transform Medicaid and Medicare into a for profit, private voucher system with the unspoken goal of ending healthcare for a large chunk of middle and working class and poor folks. His sights are also set on doing away with Social Security and other last remnants of safety nets the non-wealthy rely on.

In other news, will the government shut down on Friday? Only time will tell...