Friday, September 4, 2015

Backlash to Marriage

Kim Davis and Kathy Bates as crazy Annie Wilkes
The South may not rise again but more often than we'd like, it rears its ugly head, This time it is Kentucky clerk Kim Davis refusing to obey the law and do her job and give out marriage licenses.

As a former civil servant, I know how little discretion we wage slaves have in deciding our own job descriptions. So possessed, angry, deluded Kim and company (the Jerry Falwell founded, Liberty Counsel is supporting her) stands blocking the schoolhouse door as the George Wallace of her generation.

God help us defend ourselves from those who believe they have god on their side. Kathy Bates is a lock to play her in the movie version as she played the crazed fan so well in the movie "Misery." Here is Domenick Scudera's amusing take on that movie in the works!