Thursday, July 21, 2011

Methinks The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Michelle and Marcus
those Batty Bachmanns
Helen LaFave,
lesbian stepsister
Shakespeare's age-old insight resonates in the case of Michelle Bachmann and her husband Marcus and their emotionally-charged crusade against LGBT people. Michelle, in spite of her lesbian stepsister, has a real bee in her bonnet (not to mention bats in her belfry) about, not only the rights of queer folks, but our very existence as well. Our "homosexual agenda" is, in her twisted mind, a plot to take over the world. (I thought we Jews had the monopoly on this...what happened did we sell the franchise?).

And yes, as in the case of Anita Bryant before her and in spite of the nausea factor, I do wonder about Michelle's undercover sexual leanings. It takes a lot of repression to cultivate a passion of that magnitude. Oy, and then there's Marcus, her flaming hubby. It isn't difficult to spot the gay in Marcus, no matter how hard he tries to pray it away. Poor schmuck, he even tries to "help" other people exit the "sad lifestyle." And yes, it is sad to be in the closet. It takes a very high personal, emotional toll to live a lie.

Taking away our civil rights seems to be the primary goal of this demonic duo, so we do need to stop laughing long enough to make sure that this belligerent broad and her sorry spouse don't wind up anywhere near the presidency. Otherwise we'll all have to spend hours sewing pink triangles on our clothing!